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The Community

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Founded in 2009, Sinopia represents one of the first youth communities to be settled in the region of Apulia and operates as a voluntary association both in the city of Foggia and in the neighboring area. It is composed of and run by voluntaries 18-35 year old.
The main goal of our community is to promote any form of civil and cultural development of local youth via a variety of initiatives that improve the social fabric of the area.
Sinopia feels strongly about all those issues that prevent the youngsters from achieving social and professional advancement: this is why it intervenes in the health and social context with programmes aimed at enhancing the youth’s quality of life. Starting from 2009, Sinopia has pursued projects to inform, educate and professionally train young people, serving as a vehicle to promote creativity, participation, pluralism and social inclusion. Sinopia is also actively involved in charity campaigns to support the underprivileged regions of developing countries.

If you want to enquire about Sinopia and our projects, contact us at greenhouse@cgsinopia.it

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