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What does Greenhouse do?

  • Spreads information and builds awareness about the potential, the benefits and the downsides of cultivating officinal herbs in the Daunia region

  • Supplies funds to young farmers who wish to produce official herbs

  • Contributes to the professional training of disadvantaged youth

  • Funds research in the field of medicinal herbs


Why Greenhouse?

The 2014 CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) reform has deeply affected the italian farm workers with measures such as crop diversification and the obligation to preserve part of the cultivating land for naturalistic purposes. This document specifically states that 30% of the farmlands exceeding 10 hectares be reserved to the cultivation of products other than the farmland’s prevailing ones, and that 7% of the farmland contain facilities producing sustainable value.

Meanwhile, the organic food industry has experienced significant growth during the last decade: the widespread rise in the number of european and italian conscious consumers has indeed provided new opportunities to export locally-produced organic products both inside and outside Italy. In this particular scenario, the Greenhouse project has been designed to sustain local farming in the Daunia mounts by promoting crop diversification with a programme that funds the cultivation of officinal herbs while carefully preserving the traditional cereal cultivation of the land at the same time.



Greenhouse is a project sponsored by the Department of Youth and Civil Service of the Italian Government and organised by Sinopia in partnership with 12 associates, included the University of Foggia, the GAL Meridaunia Group, the Bonomelli Research Centre and a number of industry associations and businesses based in Foggia.

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Greenhouse is meant to address all the youngsters who wish to start producing officinal herbs in either new or existing farmlands. To this end, Greenhouse will provide tailored consultancy services for free at its information desk in Volturino. Furthermore, prize money will be awarded to the candidates that will present the best business plans on officinal herbs farming. All the business plans will be evaluated by a jury formed by experts in the agricultural sector and the winners will finally be assigned a fund to launch their businesses.

In addition to this, Greenhouse aims to further support local farming by providing a scholarship for experimental research on the cultivation and processing of officinal herbs. This phase of the project will be managed and coordinated together with the School of Agriculture of the University of Foggia, nationally renowned for its advancements in the field of agricultural research. The research outcomes will subsequently be published on this website, so as to provide a solid foundation to the development of any public and/or private investment decisions in the field.

In line with the social purposes of Sinopia, Greenhouse is also bound to foster the social and work inclusion of disadvantaged youth. A group of young people aged 18-25 will be selected for this purpose by the City Department for Pathological Addiction of Foggia on the basis of their motivation to undertake a training programme on the cultivation of officinal herbs.

The central aim of this project is to promote a diversified and fruitful agricultural model; therefore Greenhouse works to liaise relationships with and arise the attention of all the political and social stakeholders that can help impact on the regional and local agricultural policies.


Meet our associate partners

Institutions and Research centres

School of Agriculture, Food and Environment – University of Foggia

Municipality of Volturino

Department for Pathological Addiction – ASL Foggia

Bonomelli Research Centre, Foggia



Industry associations and Other associations

Gal Meridaunia

Ente Bilaterale Terzo Settore e Cooperazione

Fedagri – Confcooperative

Sindacato Federagri – MCL


Associazione ‘Donne Cooperatrici’



Local businesses

‘Dott. Leonardo Caputo’, Foggia – Herbalist’s shop

‘Bellis Perennis’, Foggia – Herbalist’s shop